Andrea S. Kahrs

Photo of Andrea S. Kahrs

While feeling stressed is unavoidable and universal, the solution is not so broad or simple. However, finding a therapist and type of therapy that you resonate with is the first step in building a less anxious, tumultuous life.

To reach this goal, I’ll help you make sense of your past and present situation, understand your priorities and what you want your life to be, and harness some tools to get you there. I’ve seen firsthand the torment of personal dissatisfaction and divorce. Knowing that a solution is possible, I recognized the need for hope.

I graduated from Pepperdine University and now practice in Hermosa Beach, CA. Prior to becoming a marriage and family therapist, I worked in animation, expanding my creative passion for art and design. Having worked in the art world, I’ve seen that one size doesn’t fit all. While each person has his or her unique path, I know that a resolution is possible.