Individual Counseling
Both good and bad transitions give us stress that can be difficult to overcome. Working with my clients’ individual strengths and personalities, we’ll identity the root cause of one’s struggles and establish skills and techniques to move forward in life. 

Couples Therapy
In a nonjudgmental environment, couples therapy looks at individual personalities and styles and how these affect the relationship. As a neutral third party, I’ll help you understand you and your partner’s strengths, perspectives, and priorities as we work toward building a relationship of compromise and growth. Working with married couples and those preparing for marriage, I’ll provide you with the skills to work together as partners and/or parents.

Family Therapy
Like in couples therapy, this environment is a safe one where everyone is heard. We’ll look at the different perspectives, personalities, and styles that affect the family dynamic. Understanding that communication and compromise are key, we’ll establish tools and techniques to work towards building a peaceful and secure family unit.

While it can sometimes be confused with traditional therapy, mediation differs in its future-based approach. It focuses on making a concrete plan for the separation and/or parental matters. Working with couples post-separation or in the separation process, I’ll help individuals think about their own goals and communicate them in a respectful environment. In these sessions, we’ll work toward an amicable separation for all parties. As a mediator trained by David Kuroda, LCSW, I can work with child custody mediation, collaborative divorce, and co-parenting mediation. While many believe that divorce is harmful to all involved, I know that divorce can be a smooth transition when we keep in mind the best interest of the parents and children.